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initial Ioniq 5 comparisions ?3

We took possession of our Ioniq 5 last night.  Even before that one thing that I can say Polestar (and Tesla) are getting right is NOT using dealerships.  These organizations are clearly nothing more than middlemen who waste resources!  But for them we would have had our car at least two days sooner and $2K cheaper.

We are also already starting to appreciate Polestar's superior design.  It lacks the Ioniq's on/off button, and that's a good thing.  My wife has already accidentally left the new car on and needlessly drawing charge.  That said, Google's various software problems persist, even with the latest v2.1 of the operating system.  We've learned how to reset them easily enough, but it's beginning to look like dumping Google might be a good move for Polestar, before it really goes mass market.  More to follow.