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Polestar connectivity & no Pixel support from Google -2

Our GPS spontaneously started working again over the weekend, and Polestar support now says that many others have reported the same, indicating that it may have been yet another software issue.  I've disabled automatic software updates in another push back against Google incompetence.  Being able to do that much is good, but it's ridiculous that the system only shows the version of the software installed, but not even Polestar support can say exactly when it was actually pushed to the car.  They claim a 2.0 version of Android Auto should be out in March and should resolve such issues.  We'll see what other issues it creates.

Even so, we're glad we moved to an electric car.  We can always do navigation on our phones.  Maintenance issues like this pale in comparison to the physical maintenance that was far more necessary on our gas-powered models.  Still the encroachment of software into everything makes the right to control and repair it all the more important.

On 2/2/22 01:44, Esekla wrote:
After only two months, our Polestar started showing connectivity problems.  They first manifested by the GPS showing the car far from its actual location, and quickly proceeded to no GPS signal at all.  Some research indicates that this is not a one off, and problems with the sealing around the communications unit are also seen in Volvo cars.  Contact with Polestar support also confirmed that they see quite a few such issues.  The good thing for us is that Polestar offered to let us make an appointment to bring the car in and have it fixed within a couple of hours, or pick it up from our home and provide a loaner free of charge.  So long as the issue does not reoccur, I'll be satisfied. 

That's more than I can say for Google, which has simply stonewalled me on an in-warranty phone for well over a month now.  A quick search shows this a long-term chronic problem with the company.  Before you buy a device from Google, be aware that it has a history of breaking crucial functionality with unilateral software updates, and providing customers with no recourse, regardless of its legal obligations.

As a network engineer, I've gone to extensive effort to identify and document the problem with Android 12 on the Pixel 5.  Even though I can provide steps to reproduce the crippling behavior on any Pixel 5, the company shows no interest in documenting or fixing its software to work with all WiFi configurations.  Google offers only slow chat "support" that issues platitudes while taking at minimum a half hour without providing substantive responses.  Even after lengthy documentation over many such contacts, no access is provided to technicians.  Instead company representatives stick steadfastly to scripts and are apparently willing to just snail-mail phones back and forth indefinitely until customers are forced to find another solution.

I have to say, this makes me nervous about having a car with Android Auto.  A critical difference is Polestar support.  I can only hope that they are in a position to control the software that is actually in the car and roll it back if necessary.  Consumers need more choice, but in the meantime, I'll have to settle for having a quality intermediary.  The thing is, I doubt Polestar's level of service will continue be possible as it scales up if problems occur with any frequency.  Thus, I'll keep blogging publicly about our experience in an effort to help others.