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a second BEV and Android Auto radio problems ?3

My gas guzzler died recently and we're replacing it with a second electric car.  To fit the whole family, my wife has chosen a Hyundai Ioniq 5.  The specs are impressive and it drove much better than competitors like the Volkswagen ID.4.  So, readers of this blog will soon be getting another comparison for the Polestar.  October is none-too-soon for its SUV;  I saw my first Rivian on the road this weekend.  Dealers are selling battery electric vehicles at $2-5K above MSRP, and that with a 1-6 month wait.  We hope to have ours some time in late August.

We also hope that Hyundai's in-house operating system works better than the Android Auto that Google is peddling to Polestar.  Recently our radio in that start misbehaving, including not changing stations despite what was claimed on the touch screen.  This is still clearly an operating system runtime corruption problem, as rebooting by holding the home button on the screen fixed the problem, for now.  No newer version is available, though.

In the meantime, unlike Polestar, I will have no interest in Hyundai ADRs.  Just like Shell vs my natural gas picks, the investment considerations here are far more complex than just choosing a car.  Nonetheless, I the final sale price figures above indicate that market is severely underestimating the demand for BEVs and their low ownership costs.