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Polestar GPS service, system update and map settings ?4

So, we sent our Polestar to mitigate the connectivity issues, which had spread to key detection, and empathized with the support staff over Google software, which does seem to be the sole cause of the problem.  Specifically, it is corruption in the operating system runtime.  Sometimes this can be cleared up with a reboot of the communications system by pushing the defrost button for 30 seconds or so.  One can also reboot the entire OS by holding the home button for a similar period of time.  I've spoken to other owners, though, and the surest, longest lasting method is to send it in for support to have the battery disconnected and the entire system reset.  For us, this was made extremely convenient with pickup and a loaner car.  The only glitch was when support accidentally sent the wrong car back at first, which was easily remedied.  An honest mistake like that is nothing compared to the brain drain at Google, which I've been documenting on the investment side of this blog.

To take the Google problem further, our maps now no longer over the mini-map on the console next to speedometer.  This changes seems to have been instituted without recourse along with the P2.0 version of the software and it persists in P2.1.  To get the added functionality back one can unlock the steering wheel by pressing the brake and possibly putting the car in gear, then pressing this button Polestar
      Buttonon the right hand side of steering wheel repeatedly until you get your dashboard map functionality back.  However, I suspect the change in default behavior comes from Google dumbing down Android Auto in an effort to isolate and/or mitigate its operating system corruption.  Therefore using the older (and far better, IMO) functionality might increase your likelihood and frequency of communications problems.  I've long been a voice crying out in the desert with the message that phones, and Android in particular is inherently insecure.  Recent experience with my Tesla friends indicates that it is not a better option in any of the ways discussed here.  In my opinion, the prospect of the lax software development we've seen in phones extending to cars should be terrifying to everyone.