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GRoDT stands for Get Rich or Die Trying.  This section is for unprofitable companies which I think have a chance at hitting it big.  OLED and ERII are examples of companies which have commercialized their technologies and at least quintupled their stock prices while I covered them.  However, even when a technology or product is successful, other factors can wind up being more important.  Investors need to recognize that these are the riskiest investments, and accept the possibility of losing ALL capital invested in these stocks. 

+1 BGC 1Q20 schedule plus Nokia, Resonant and oil notes15:51 21-Apr-20
+2 market calendar and minor news09:42 15-Apr-20
-3 MVIS, the Fed, oil, next week and beyond16:57 09-Apr-20
?2 ADP, Fitbit Charge, and more09:06 02-Apr-20
+1 stimulus, bonds and market segments09:08 19-Mar-20
?1 Vuzix 4Q19 results and much more12:39 17-Mar-20
+2 Resonant 4Q19 results16:34 10-Mar-20
?1 Super Tuesday and Fitbit arbitrage calendar16:39 03-Mar-20
+2 new pick, Nokia CEO, MagnaChip CFO, Resonant WiFi 6 & much more06:02 02-Mar-20
?3 Resonant 4Q19 schedule, XBAR event and more08:43 26-Feb-20
-7 MicroVision product termination and more16:31 25-Feb-20
?2 Vuzix 4Q19 schedule, RESN OMIB and geopolitics16:11 14-Feb-20
+2 Ebix 4Q19 schedule and reality shifts20:04 12-Feb-20
?1 CenturyLink 4Q19 results18:34 12-Feb-20
+1 jobs and follow-ups09:40 07-Feb-20
-5 Resonant 4Q19 preliminary results & stock offering02:04 07-Feb-20
+1 Vodafone sells Egypt stake and more telecom11:25 29-Jan-20
+3 new Tier-1 Foundry Partner for Resonant, Clearway 4Q19 schedule and more09:20 22-Jan-20
-1 new Fenics market maker plus trade & competition09:35 21-Jan-20
+1 PG&E in talks with bondholders, spectrum and impeachment updates20:16 14-Jan-20
+1 EbixCash partners with MoneyGram and much more09:39 13-Jan-20
-2 Vuzix and other warnings ignored so far12:38 10-Jan-20
?2 Himax 4Q19 projection plus CES & more Ebix11:45 07-Jan-20
+2 Resonant win, Ebix update & Iraq09:46 06-Jan-20
-3 more MVIS dilution19:13 27-Dec-19
?2 MVIS delisting plus currencies and telecoms09:45 16-Dec-19
?3 December values and 2020 concerns17:58 04-Dec-19
+4 Resonant COO, EBIX OMIB, and Clearway/Covanta macro23:33 02-Dec-19
+1 Nokia in a coasting market and more CUI OMIBs21:15 25-Nov-19
?1 PG&E financing, RESN thoughts, CUI & MVIS OMIBs and value16:48 19-Nov-19
-2 MVIS OMIB and earnings follow-ups13:06 14-Nov-19
-3 CUI Global 3Q19 results17:35 12-Nov-19
+2 Vuzix 3Q19 results and Hololens 2 available02:09 08-Nov-19
?4 MicroVision 3Q19 results04:50 07-Nov-19
?3 Resonant 3Q19 results17:26 05-Nov-19
?3 RESN & CWEN pre-earnings heads up10:30 04-Nov-19
?2 MicroVision 3Q19 schedule, SupTech endgame & FOMC05:46 31-Oct-19
?3 Resonant shipments & 3Q19 schedule plus EMAN & AUO09:08 21-Oct-19
+2 5G and value update08:27 15-Oct-19
+1 jobs report and other trivialities09:48 04-Oct-19
+1 Fenics dollar data and more value09:09 02-Oct-19
?1 Golar LNG 2Q19 schedule and market notes13:48 13-Aug-19
+3 earnings follow-ups, plus bull/bear and macro discussions09:12 12-Aug-19
-3 Resonant 2Q19 results17:18 06-Aug-19
+2 Resonant raises capital and adds a board member08:06 06-Aug-19
-2 MACOM 3Q19 schedule, GMLP distribution, CUI & MVIS notes17:32 23-Jul-19
?3 Resonant schedules, Johnson wins, Trump waffles08:52 23-Jul-19
?1 crux update and MicroVision 2Q19 schedule13:17 15-Jul-19
-1 Clearway schedules 2Q19 report and more09:23 11-Jul-19
+3 volatility, Resonant win, AES 2Q19 schedule and more14:19 09-Jul-19