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This section is for stocks with significant yield.  I define significant as at least in the neighborhood for real-world inflation, which has nothing to do with government statistics.  Most private efforts (including my own) at quantifying increases in the cost of living show it bouncing around an annualized rate of 6% over the past two decades.  In my opinion, sustainable significant yield is by far the best means of valuing stocks over the long-term and offers the most safety (though not always short-term stability) in all kinds of market environments.

+1 Covanta dividend17:48 04-May-17
+3 a trio of large CVA OMIBs09:03 01-May-17
?3 Covanta 1Q17 results10:05 26-Apr-17
?2 Covanta schedules 1Q17 report16:54 13-Apr-17
?3 pick list earnings and more12:01 24-Mar-17
+1 Covanta dividend and notes16:32 02-Mar-17
?3 Covanta 4Q16 results09:36 16-Feb-17
?1 minor NRG, ABB and AUO news09:56 13-Feb-17
?4 Covanta schedules 4Q16 report and more09:05 01-Feb-17
?2 market news dump10:48 26-Jan-17
+2 AUO thoughts09:29 06-Jan-17
+2 new high for CVA insider buys21:11 14-Dec-16
+2 yet another CVA OMIB16:42 12-Dec-16
+2 Covanta goes ex-div 12/2816:38 08-Dec-16
+3 CVA dividend and HMS pricing13:29 29-Nov-16
+2 the trend of CVA OMIBs continues17:00 16-Nov-16
+2 Covanta 3Q16 results10:12 26-Oct-16
?2 Covanta schedules 3Q16 report17:46 11-Oct-16
+3 Covanta declares dividend and more16:52 22-Sep-16
+1 two minor pick list announcements10:21 20-Sep-16
+1 90% of Covanta's Dublin facility now contracted16:44 08-Sep-16
?2 shopping list notes10:51 30-Aug-16
?2 shopping list and macro update13:25 22-Aug-16
?3 Covanta departure18:45 17-Aug-16
?3 Notes from IDF and AUO18:31 16-Aug-16
?2 pick list news roundup10:37 08-Aug-16
-3 Covanta 2Q16 report09:42 27-Jul-16
+2 AUO 2Q16 results08:34 27-Jul-16
?2 RESN and AUO updates11:07 13-Jul-16
?3 Covanta schedules 2Q16 report21:34 07-Jul-16
?3 shopping list update08:25 30-Jun-16
+2 AUO dividend official and more12:41 22-Jun-16
?3 SID Display Week wrap up12:40 27-May-16
?1 Covanta declares dividend03:17 06-May-16
?1 Earnings review and preview01:51 02-May-16
-3 Covanta 1Q16 results09:23 27-Apr-16
?2 Samsung to supply AMOLEDs to Apple15:37 16-Apr-16
?3 Covanta schedules 1Q16 report17:10 12-Apr-16
?3 more pick list earnings09:12 12-Apr-16
?2 notes for BGCP & CVA, new pick list stock11:48 05-Apr-16
+2 AUO dividend and share authorization11:08 11-Mar-16
+2 Yet another CVA OMIB17:03 04-Mar-16
+2 Covanta maintains dividend16:41 03-Mar-16
+2 AUO advances09:59 24-Feb-16
+4 commodity pricing and insider CVA buy16:35 22-Feb-16
+6 Covanta coverage reinstated15:28 18-Feb-16
?3 AUO 4Q1505:29 28-Jan-16
+3 media picks up AUO/Apple thesis08:46 12-Jan-16
+4 AUO goes on the pick list09:57 28-Dec-15
+3 pick list19:39 20-Jan-15