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shopping list update ?3

My shopping list remains mostly unchanged.  BGCP and MX remain at the top of it and every stock has risen significantly since Monday.  A few minor news updates are in order, though:

AUO is probably the biggest gainer, but I think it may have legs even beyond the dividend.  Both Samsung and LG have been accelerating their shifts from LCD to AMOLED, and that benefits AUO's existing business over the next few quarters.  To recap, AUO will get a level playing field in mobile AMOLEDs over the longer term with the introduction new emitters and inkjet printing, since the Korean incumbents will have to revamp their processes and recipes.  This is another reason why I think LG Display is focusing mostly on TVs in the interim. 

IDTI has rebounded less than most so far, yet it continues to pump out partnerships and products.  I think more prosaic work in power and communications will have the most financial impact, but I can't pass up mentioning how the company is extending innovation all the way to outer space.  The next quarterly report comes in a little over a month, and as with AUO, the second half is expected to be significantly stronger than the first.