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GRoDT stands for Get Rich or Die Trying.  This section is for unprofitable companies which I think have a chance at hitting it big.  OLED and ERII are examples of companies which have commercialized their technologies and at least quintupled their stock prices while I covered them.  However, even when a technology or product is successful, other factors can wind up being more important.  Investors need to recognize that these are the riskiest investments, and accept the possibility of losing ALL capital invested in these stocks. 

?1 MACom 2Q21 results09:48 29-Apr-21
-3 Resonant preliminary 1Q21 results09:56 28-Apr-21
-1 New Fortress schedule, ABB 1Q21 report and more04:36 27-Apr-21
?2 PPL news and market update15:40 22-Apr-21
+1 BGC and Clearway 1Q21 schedules16:17 14-Apr-21
+2 Lumen & MACom schedules, Resonant update, and more11:51 13-Apr-21
+3 Resonant broadens Tier-1 Chinese license09:25 05-Apr-21
?1 Telus refinancing, Himax auto win, and more03:31 01-Apr-21
?3 Orbital Energy Group 4Q20 results10:35 30-Mar-21
+2 gas, macro and new pick09:25 29-Mar-21
?3 Nokia job cuts, Hygo closing & Orbital 4Q20 schedules10:11 16-Mar-21
?3 Resonant 4Q20 results09:57 15-Mar-21
-1 AES investor day and more on energy12:38 05-Mar-21
?3 GRoDT schedules, Clearway 4Q20 results and more16:22 02-Mar-21
?1 Cyxtera and telecom update07:45 24-Feb-21
?3 market strategy for untrod ground21:54 17-Feb-21
?1 market strategy for untrod ground21:47 17-Feb-21
+3 OEG convertible debt amendment19:43 16-Feb-21
?2 Clearway dividend and GRoDT news11:54 16-Feb-21
-3 Resonant preliminary 4Q20 results09:28 09-Feb-21
-3 Orbital files $150M shelf16:37 03-Feb-21
?3 RESN and communications developments20:19 02-Feb-21
+1 AMSC 3Q20 schedule, Indian budget, and more19:29 01-Feb-21
?1 Nokia 4Q20 schedule and further market thoughts09:47 29-Jan-21
-2 MACom 1Q21 results09:42 28-Jan-21
+2 AES 4Q20 schedule, Virtu Analytics APIs and more09:53 25-Jan-21
-1 Intel 4Q20 schedule, license revocation, and other semi notes07:30 19-Jan-21
-2 MACom 1Q21 schedule and OEG placement09:27 13-Jan-21
?2 Himax 4Q20 schedule and more10:39 12-Jan-21
?2 Vantage U.K. inclusion official and more19:48 11-Jan-21
?3 Resonant quarterly shipment update09:54 06-Jan-21
+1 CES thoughts and other minor news10:13 04-Jan-21
?4 OEG dilution, HIMX movement and weekly claims16:03 31-Dec-20
+1 Virtu 4Q20 schedule and GRoDT market thoughts10:37 30-Dec-20
?2 Golar FSRU sale and macro comments09:13 28-Dec-20
?3 Resonant passes 50M unit mark and more17:10 17-Dec-20
+3 Orbital utility contract and more09:45 02-Dec-20
+1 Lumen, Virtu and other news19:15 23-Nov-20
+3 Resonant and WiFi, plus Google & Clearway news15:17 20-Nov-20
-3 OEG convertibles and other transitional news17:44 19-Nov-20
-3 Orbital 3Q20 results plus RCEP trade thoughts09:05 16-Nov-20
+1 Himax 3Q20 results12:07 12-Nov-20
?3 GRoDT follow-ups20:57 10-Nov-20
?3 Resonant 3Q20 results16:21 10-Nov-20
+3 Resonant automotive shipments and more09:15 10-Nov-20
+2 election implications, GRoDT schedules & news, plus Q&A09:45 09-Nov-20
-1 MACom 4Q20 & prospective Senate results12:02 06-Nov-20
?3 Xebec acquisition, earnings follow-ups and Resonant thoughts08:22 02-Nov-20
?3 Xebec & Resonant 3Q20 schedules09:49 27-Oct-20
?2 MACom and Nokia schedules10:10 22-Oct-20