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This section is for stocks with significant yield.  I define significant as at least in the neighborhood for real-world inflation, which has nothing to do with government statistics.  Most private efforts (including my own) at quantifying increases in the cost of living show it bouncing around an annualized rate of 6% over the past two decades.  In my opinion, sustainable significant yield is by far the best means of valuing stocks over the long-term and offers the most safety (though not always short-term stability) in all kinds of market environments.

+1 Resonant COO, EBIX OMIB, and Clearway/Covanta macro23:33 02-Dec-19
-1 Golar 3Q19 results and energy update11:49 26-Nov-19
?1 PG&E financing, RESN thoughts, CUI & MVIS OMIBs and value16:48 19-Nov-19
+2 MVIS OMIB and earnings follow-ups13:06 14-Nov-19
?2 Ebix 3Q19 schedule & value down the macro path09:30 29-Oct-19
+2 Covanta 3Q19 results09:21 25-Oct-19
?1 new AMSC grid proposal, Fitbit 3Q19 schedule and CVA follow-up16:47 22-Oct-19
?3 Brexit, hydrogen and CVA redux14:53 22-Oct-19
?1 Resonant shipments & 3Q19 schedule plus EMAN & AUO09:08 21-Oct-19
?1 5G and value update08:27 15-Oct-19
?3 Covanta, UDC & MagnaChip schedule 3Q19 reports10:49 11-Oct-19
+1 The Fed and lurking debt danger19:24 18-Sep-19
+1 what we learned in the first week of September12:38 06-Sep-19
+1 Westport CFO, CUI OMIB, CTL dividend & more interesting notes20:03 22-Aug-19
?1 earnings follow-ups, plus bull/bear and macro discussions09:12 12-Aug-19
?1 BGC builds aviation plus AES, value, space & corporate tax thoughts06:25 06-Aug-19
?1 CenturyLink bond redemption11:48 29-Jul-19
?4 Covanta 2Q19 results09:47 26-Jul-19
?2 Covanta and UDC 2Q19 schedules17:15 11-Jul-19
+1 macro and telecom update07:11 28-May-19
+1 MACOM OMIB, elections and trading the trade wars19:59 23-May-19
+2 Covanta 1Q19 results09:44 26-Apr-19
+2 more MVIS dilution, STI and Covanta pre-earnings notes18:49 23-Apr-19
+1 Golar news and 1Q19 pre-earnings updates12:33 16-Apr-19
?3 Covanta 1Q19 and Brexit schedules19:01 10-Apr-19
-1 GIP sells CWEN shares17:40 03-Apr-19
+1 CenturyLink Q&A plus BGCP, CVA & AMSC02:48 27-Mar-19
+2 Rookery to commence construction09:35 22-Mar-19
?1 crux climax?12:00 13-Mar-19
+1 CenturyLink bond opportunity05:57 08-Mar-19
?2 earnings previews and follow-ups13:04 18-Feb-19
+1 Covanta 4Q18 report16:46 14-Feb-19
?2 stock gyrations and valuations11:48 06-Feb-19
?3 Covanta schedules 4Q18 report and CTL sale16:42 16-Jan-19
+4 Covanta to commence TAPS in the second half10:11 07-Jan-19
+3 CVA OMIB17:17 02-Jan-19
+1 FOMC and pre-holiday value list14:13 19-Dec-18
?1 ABB sells grids & restructures, plus Golar, CVA & CUI14:51 17-Dec-18
+1 energy markets, CUI and global trading10:17 07-Dec-18
?1 MicroVision dilutes, Schlumberger warns, CVA drops18:34 04-Dec-18
+1 UDC 3Q18 results and industry notes02:24 02-Nov-18
?3 Covanta 3Q18 results10:05 26-Oct-18
-1 recapping last week and looking beyond this one21:01 15-Oct-18
?3 Covanta schedules 3Q18 report19:11 09-Oct-18
+1 Resonant introduces 5G filter and more09:21 09-Oct-18
?2 more Covanta news16:30 03-Oct-18
?2 Vodafone Italian 5G spectrum & Covanta bond refinancing09:29 03-Oct-18
?1 Is everything about to change?11:21 24-Sep-18
+1 another VOD OMIB plus more macro, CTL and CVA notes11:34 18-Sep-18
+1 Clearway prices debt plus Covanta news20:56 17-Sep-18