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My interest in Orbital began when it was CUI Global and was primarily concerned with its disruptive natural gas monitoring and testing solutions based on its GasPT sensors.  However, after being delayed to the brink of bankruptcy by the U.K. and Italy, and making to herculean efforts to avoid diluting shareholders, management transferred control to new CEO James O'Neil, who aims to transform the businesses into a diversified energy & telecommunication services company.  This involved the sale of the data center power and gas businesses, followed by the acquisition of Reach Construction and many other dilutive transactions.  In the process the company name changed to Orbital Energy Group (symbol OEG) and then Orbital Infrastructure Group (symbol OIG). 

This section has become public since the original investment thesis is long gone and my own investments long ago transitioned to other natural gas companies, like GLNG and NFE, both of which are covered on the private subscriber side and have proven fabulously profitable.  Orbital stands as an example of how good companies and rational strategic moves don't always make good investments, and I think my analysis was appropriately cautious every step of the way.

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