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MicroVision places, Qualcomm and Himax collaborate -2

MicroVision has just announced that on Monday, August 28th, it sold 1.5M unregistered shares at $2.10 each to a private investor who apparently also took part in the prior share offering.  The average daily volume being openly traded over the past 10 days is under 339K per day.  So, I understand the rationale for this action, but it is still slightly dilutive.  Furthermore, while the price is close to the historical price leading up to the transaction, it is well below today's top price of $2.45.  Many may speculate about whether or not this investor is a technology partner, but I still view this action as somewhat unfriendly to ordinary shareholders.

Earlier today, Qualcomm and Himax announced a collaboration to join the Himax structured light image sensor solutions that I started writing about months ago with Qualcomm's recently introduced Sprectra technologies.  The companies are planning for mass production of the system, which they've dubbed SLiM 3D, in the first quarter of 2018.  That potentially puts users of the recently shipped MicroVision development kit somewhere around a year behind.  Despite these negatives, the differing approaches and a rebate rate in excess of 25% makes me willing to hold onto a small GRoDT position.