CrowdWisers policy is not to issue refunds.

The Free link to the right gives some actual examples of older analysis which, while no longer relevant, should let you know exactly what you will be getting.

CrowdWisers does not pay for marketing, yet has been the top-rated research service at the Interactive Brokers Marketplace for years in part because we never try to upsell you; a single subscription provides instant access to years of history, with thousands of notes. Many subscribers start with the inexpensive monthly subscription and then switch to yearly to save money once they are comfortable that they are up to the level of work and patience required for good fundamental value investing. This service aims to greatly reduce the time required by providing summaries and the ability to filter archives by importance, at the lower right of the side pane. Good investing is still work, though. If you are unwilling to risk the monthly fee, this service is probably not for you. Otherwise, feel free to proceed to the Subscription Page.

For truly exceptional situations, subscribers can always email support AT and we will do our best to make things right.