Website Usage Notes

Updates are emailed and archived to the website in real-time, and current notes often refer to prior ones, making the website a very useful as a research tool.

On any index page (see the top-level Yield, Growth & GRoDT Topics to the right), the red, green, and black numbers are the ranks, with the colors and preceding +, -, ? signs indicating positive, negative and unknown impact.  The numbers are meant as an estimate of importance (not conviction) with 9 being the highest.  Recognize that the ranking on an index page may differ from the ranking on the overall note.  That is a because the developments being analyzed may have differing impact on various stocks. This also results in some low-ranked entries on the public pages that are not public because the note primarily pertains to a stock whose analysis is still private to subscribers.  If you filter the public pages at a higher rank, you should see only public notes.

On the index pages, you can filter by rank using the links on the bottom of the sidebar on the right to see what is truly important for any given topic.  That can help give you an overview for what is going on, and most of the sections that are on a particular stock link to an article that has the original investment thesis.  If not, it will typically be the oldest update in the list.

Note that the site may not render well with very old browsers. It has been mainly tested with Firefox (preferred) and Chrome.  Please report any serious problems to admin AT, and recognize that this is just a starting point; much more functionality is envisioned.

Canceling Your Subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time.  If you are a direct card subscriber, simply send an email to admin AT or reply to any CrowdWisers email that you receive stating your intent to cancel.  Note however that each subscriber's rate is locked for as long as the subscription remains current.  Rates for new subscribers do go up periodically, and returning subscribers are subject to current rates.

If you are a PayPal subscriber, your subscription is managed through that platform.  At last check, the steps to cancel were:

 Paypal>Activity>CrowdWisers,Inc>Manage CrowdWisers, Inc.payments>Cancel>Cancel Profile

Either way, you will continue receiving updates in your Inbox and have website access until your expiration date unless you specify otherwise.  Feedback on the site and service are always very much appreciated.