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CQH OMIB and year end notes +2

A little while ago, a subscriber wrote, saying:

It is almost one year, I appreciate what you did for me...  I have a suggestion... would you give us a list with some scale (1 to 10) for those stocks in your pick list, 10 is bright future, and 1 is no too much future.
Let me start by saying, that I appreciate all of you that have subscribed very much also.  I genuinely hope that I am helping. I wish you all Happy Holidays, and a bright 2018 in which you enjoy life well beyond the world of markets and money. 

To express my appreciation, I'm guaranteeing that subscribers will never see an increase in the price of their subscription, so long as it remains continuous.  That will go for any gift subscriptions between now and year end that you might wish to give, as well.  The guarantee might seem trivial, but I'm still fairly young for someone who has left behind working for others.  As such, I expect the service to go on for decades and inflation seems to finally be a rising long-term risk, much to the delight of the FOMC.  Consider that the first macro note.

In 2018 we do plan to add direct credit card processing to the site, rather than working through PayPal.  That should be followed by more material means of offering rewards to subscribers, and accepting payments in Euros.  I'd like to close my general comments by thanking the subscriber who made this suggestion, in particular, and those of you who have recommended CrowdWisers in comments on Seeking Alpha and elsewhere.

I am including all 25 stocks with sections on the site, not just those in the picks section, but I'm only splitting the list into Buyable, Holdable, and Avoid.  In practice, I find that different opportunities are better for different investors at any given time, making numbers across different stocks not very useful.  That's why the main purpose of my service is to educate and inform, thereby keeping investors well-prepared to make their own decisions.  That said, the list is roughly ordered with better opportunities first.  Most of those in the Holdable section are good companies which are not currently at especially favorable prices.  Note that I'm still never opposed to taking some profits in such situations, especially with favorable tax treatment.  For many investment entities, that could change abruptly come Jan 1st, when new tax code makes profit taking suddenly more advantageous.  I don't expect a big or sustained move, but it's an effect that could enhance some other negative catalyst in 2018.  Let that stand as the other macro note.




Again, Happy Holidays from CrowdWisers!