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last XONE entry ?3

As signaled with the last report, and approved by subscribers, my ExOne coverage is being discontinued and made public.  The 18% rebate rate on XONE is likely to make any decline in the stock slow and choppy, but it's been a long time since I've had much in the way of real hopes for the company.  I'll remain interested in the science of this industry, but new additive manufacturing entrants like Desktop Metal and Essentium are looking like better reading these days.  They only raise the bar for ExOne and even if the company does manage to compete, the next several years are likely to require a shift in investing priorities, as discussed in my macro updates. 

The last piece of ExOne news is that the company's Executive Vice President of Strategic Development and Capital Markets, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary is leaving to pursue other opportunities.  That's what I'm doing with the company too.