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ExOne sets date for 4Q15 report ?3

ExOne has set its fourth quarter report for Tuesday, March 15, after market close.  On average, analysts expect the company to lose 15 cents per share on revenue of $14.7M, with current quarter sales projected at $9.6M. 

As per my recent updates on the company, I don't see any reason to hold shares for the long term.  An SA article I wrote as part of a short ideas contest and to formally adjust my outlook on XONE for that venue may go public (again?) in a couple of days.  My candid opinion is that the stock is far too dangerous for most investors to short.  Here is the appropriate section from the article:

ExOne still has a potentially viable business model, but it is also now under a shot clock on execution.
All successful shorting relies heavily on timing and market dynamics. This article is intended as sample idea generation for professionals. Shorting by the uninitiated is, without a doubt, the best way I know of for retail investors to get hurt very badly. If you can't recognize the signs of an impending short squeeze, or if you don't know how to do your own balance sheet analysis, you are probably best off avoiding XONE entirely. If you do not regularly monitor options, rebate rates and dark pool data, true short selling is not for you. Those seeking hedges against general market declines would be better served by looking at the sort of long-term analysis presented in my articles on Apple or Cisco. Others should simply seek safety in value and income.
If that doesn't deter you, then I will say that the recent rise in XONE shares seems to be due to short covering, much as that article anticipated.  The rebate rate is now down below 27%, which is still very high.  That indicates to me that while the rise is probably unsustainable on its own for the long-term, it could easily have further to go.