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ExOne schedules 3Q15 report ?7

ExOne has scheduled its third quarter report for after the market close on Monday, November 9th.  The associated conference call is scheduled to take place at 8:30 the next morning.  On average, analysts expect the company to lose nine and a half cents per share on revenue of $16.9M.  Revenue for the current quarter is expected to be guided to $22.9M, which would push the company to profitability.  Given the management's record, amongst other things, I doubt that these expectations are very firm.

Regardless, XONE has come a long way since I called the bottom, and despite the insider buys that kicked that off, it is now very difficult to say whether the almost 90% gain will be justified by the business.  The rebate rate has stayed very high, but steady, at around the 57% I documented back then, and the nominal shorted float had declined slightly, but not nearly enough to nullify the potential for a squeeze.  Consequently, all I can say is that we could easily be in for a wild ride in either (or even both) direction(s).