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Xebec update plus PPL 3Q22 & WFS Investor Day schedules ?3

Xebec has updated on CCAA process:
In the meantime, XEBEF remains halted, so not much can be done from an investment standpoint.  There can be no guarantee that any value will be salvaged for shareholders, but this also doesn't look like a normal bankruptcy, with with private creditors clamoring for a ridiculous amount of principal back.  Thus, if a company like Haffner or OPAL takes over operations they might offer some equity in return, though there is no legal compulsion for them to do so.

PPL Corp. has scheduled its third quarter report for the morning of November 4th.  The average of 10 analyst estimates is 43 cents of EPS from $1.9b of revenue, which is expected to remain flat.  I will give the report some attention since I think PPL is probably a long term value near $25 with a dividend increase likely next year.  However, with the stock currently yielding less than a 3-month T-Bill, it's hard to get excited about that right away.

Westport Fuel Systems has also scheduled its investor day for the morning of December 8th.  I will have a look, but only write if something changes my opinion on the long wait for hydrogen to become a game changer.