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Xebec hydrogen PSA agreement & Polestar vote +3

Xebec has signed a multi-million dollar agreement to provide 8 Pressure Swing Adsorption units to support the Haffner Energy's HYNOCA carbon-negative green hydrogen solution.  The amount isn't game changing, but Haffner just completed its IPO this year with some impressive claims that position it as a replacement for the biomass digesters currently in use.  The company is aiming to produce 200 modules per year by 2024, and I infer that these initial 8 PSAs will be supporting the first three modules being deployed.  The need is certainly there, and this agreement establishes a mutually beneficial partnership that would serve as an avenue for growth if Haffner is successful.

Also, Gores Guggenheim shareholders did approve the Polestar merger today, as expected.