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Xebec succession and Clearway 4Q21 schedule ?3

Xebec has announced that its CEO will retire effective May 12th, after 18 years on the job, though he will remain a member of the board.  Jim Vounassis succeed him, and Mike Munro will become COO.  Both joined the company last May, and although this may not signal good things for upcoming report, I see it as a natural move and good step for long term shareholder prospects.

Clearway Energy has scheduled its fourth quarter report for the morning of February 28th.  The average of 5 analyst estimates is for 13 cents of EPS from $325M of revenue, declining to $318M this quarter.  As ever, the headline numbers won't matter much, and I will listen to the call primarily for the smart insights management often has on renewable development.  As such, I may not report on the event in real time, but CWEN(A) remains a buy the dips income stock for me.