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Xebec 2Q21 schedule and MagnaChip CFIUS extension ?3

Xebec has scheduled its second quarter report for the morning of August 12th, but not updated its website.  The average of estimates from 5 analysts covering the company is a loss of 2 Canadian cents per share from CAD28.8M of revenue, continuing to ramp to CAD33.3M this quarter.  I will certainly report on the event, paying particular attention to Biostream order activity.   However, and I would not be surprised if supply chains are holding that back.  Still with domestic natural gas remaining above $4, delay temporary troubles would not dissuade me from owning shares.

It's also now nearly certain that we will have wait another month and a half for MX shares.  The company just filed an 8-K documenting the 45 day CFIUS extension to September 13th, as predicted.