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MicroVision exclusive display licensing deal +4

MicroVision just issued a press release stating that it has signed a $10M 5-year exclusive licensing deal for its display-only projector technology.  The first payment of $5M should be received this quarter, and the other half of the balance in October.  In order to maintain exclusivity, the licensee is required to purchase  minimum quantities of MEMS and ASICs from MicroVision, which also expects to receive additional payments for non-recurring engineering expenses and services associated with process and product transfer and qualification milestones.  

My guess would be that ST Microelectronics is the licensee.  Although the terms are not phenomenal, this should help the company to stave off dilution, at least for a while, in that it probably removes some manufacturing expense as well as augmenting the balance sheet.  Furthermore, if and when dilution is done, this may help MicroVision execute it at better terms than it would have otherwise.  Color on that gives me more reason to check in on the earnings call tonight, but I am still likely to prioritize CenturyLink's.