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MicroVision schedules 4Q17 report ?4

MicroVision has scheduled the report on its fourth quarter to occur after market close on Thursday, February 22nd.  Only 2 analysts still cover the company and the average of their estimates calls for a loss of 7 cents on $3.7M in revenue, with current quarter sales rebounding to $6.0M.  Given that the company pre-announced revenue between $2.4 and $2.7 million, it seems someone is not paying attention.   Foremost in my mind is that we still haven't heard about any pricing in conjunction with the company's attempts to raise capital.

Note also that MicroVision reports used to occur in the mornings.  This one is occurring about two weeks earlier than expected as well.  The changes could just be due to preferences of the new CEO, but it's also possible that things are being moved up for a major announcement.  Covanta and Universal Display report the same evening, though the Covanta call is not until the following morning.  Barring something dramatic, I am likely to prioritize UDC's call over this one.