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MicroVision begins shipping customized display engines +3

MicroVision has begun shipping customized display engines to a previously announced Asian customer.  It's a minor positive to see the company executing, but the stock is down 3% this morning, in sympathy with the broader market.  Similarly, I was surprised when MVIS did not move much on termination of the ATM, yet it did on addition to the Russell 3000 index.  All of this seems emblematic of passive investing and the deployment of zombie capital that I've already cited.  Such markets require a lot of care an patience.

Regardless of the reason, I think recent MVIS gains are merited, especially in light of an 18% rebate rate, as the company should be in for a good 2Q17 report.  The key at that point will be to try to see whether or not the company's finances can be sustainable without further capital raises.