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EbixCash partners with MoneyGram and much more +3

The hits keep on coming for Ebix, which has announced that MoneyGram will be using EbixCash exclusively for remittances to India.  Ebix expects to earn $20-35M from the arrangement, based on a $3b gross remittance target.  This is a good move, but EBIX has been predictably immobile in the pre-market.

A little more puzzling is Resonant's press release on HPUE modeling.  This refers to the use of higher power for certain wireless bands, and the associated white paper reads more like another press release.  It seems to extend prior work done with TC-SAW to standard SAW filters, which would be cheaper to manufacture.  Sprint rolled out HPUE a few years ago and continues to support it.  So, the immediate questions that jumped to my mind were, Why now? and, Does this have anything do with the T-mobile merger

Closing arguments in that trial are scheduled for Wednesday, and decision is expected next month, after comments are considered.  However, a settlement is still possible.  HPUE is relevant to the Sprint spectrum that would be important for filling truly comprehensive mobile coverage.  The other non-exclusive possibility is that this is essentially marketing to AT&T for use with its first-responder coverage.  Either way, this interesting, but not something that should move RESN immediately.

Similarly, a subscriber pointed out bidding for a U.K. waste to energy provider.  I'm skeptical that the market will see the link to CVA, but agree that it is relevant and somewhat positive.

Finally, over the weekend, AES documented that its Controller since October 2017 resigned last Monday.  No explanation is given and her resume puts her in mid-forties, making this somewhat unusual and possibly a sign of trouble.  I'd understood holding AES shares into the mid-high teens, but can't see doing so above $20, especially with Mexico as another possible trouble point.  I'd much rather hold CWEN.A, which is still watching PG&E make its way through the federal grinder.  A final plan there be submitted to the judge for approval by month end, and then to creditors in March.