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Covanta dividend and U.K. election results ?3

Early exit poll results suggest a Conservative majority for Johnson.  Assuming he follows through with a quick Brexit, I see this as a long-term positive for Covanta, since the U.K. will have to rethink its garbage.  That's something the whole world needs to do, together though, and in the short-term Lagarde's job will be even tougher.

Whether or not she can overcome obstacles that sometimes seem insurmountable is a question for the decade ahead.  No matter what I find her approach somewhat more honest than her American counterparts.:

When I will not know, I will tell you that I don’t know

whereas the Fed is only now beginning to tacitly admit that its fudged employment figures no longer correlate to its fudged inflation figures.  For those who want real measures, look at energy, Aramco, and waste processing fees.

On 12/12/19 4:27 PM, Esekla wrote:

Covanta has finally announced its next dividend with a December 26th ex-date.  There is no 8-K available for yesterday's China deal yet.  I also see the election results in the U.K. as relevant, and they are looking closer than I expected.  I will update shortly after 5pm with the first exit poll projections.