Schlumberger schedules 2Q18 report and more ?3

Schlumberger has scheduled the report on its second quarter to be released before market open on July 20th.  The average of analyst projections currently comest to 46 cents in EPS on $8.3b in revenue, with the third quarter climbing to $8.8b.

Of late, SLB has vindicated my assessment of it as a good hedge against geopolitical uncertainty.  As usual, I will be looking at the report largely for management's assessment of the industry.  With hydrocarbon prices where they are, there is little doubt of increasing activity in America, but I want to see if that starts to spread more to other areas.  Statoil is certainly advocating hard for Europe, but it is biased.  I do think global demand for natural gas is firming and steadying, but that's more of positive of CQH than SLB investors. 

The world is a mish-mash of policies, but the direction away from coal, through natural gas, to solar and wind is pretty clear.  My initial look at distributed solar companies left me non-plussed, at least for the present.  In the meantime, I continue to favor companies that are managing both ends of this transition, like AES and NRG Yield, but Schlumberger remains one of the best measuring tools.