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CQP dividend, UDC agreement and more +2

Cheneire Energy Partners has increased its quarterly dividend from 43 to 50 cents.  That's at the low end of the range I projected when I first introduced the stock.  However, the global natural gas market does show sign s of taking off, with Chinese imports now exceeding those of South Korea, which has helped put prices at three-year highs and climbing.  These increases should also filter through the CQH shareholders, of course. 

Of less importance is Universal Display's announcement of an "extended and expanded" evaluation agreement with Sharp.  As usual, no detail of any sort was disclosed and the stock has not moved at all, which is appropriate since these evaluation agreements typically have little or no measurable impact on earnings. 

What does seem to have been moving the stock downward recently is ongoing reports that iPhone X sales are weak and fading.  That shouldn't really have any impact either, since the AMOLED mobile market is all about constrained capacity, but this is what we get with media-driven overvalued stocks.