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ExOne specializes in additive manufacturing with metals, using a binder-jet process.   A good overview of the original high-risk thesis can be found here, but note that I warned readers that the short squeeze was looking unsustainable just 2 months later. XONE
        coverage chart This gave investors a chance to get out with 10% gain.  By the time coverage began here on CrowdWisers, notes were becoming increasingly bearish as the company pursued a strategy that had little chance of bearing fruit until at least 2016 or 2017.  Although I did mange to call the bottom, it was with great caution, and I instead turned to shorting some of the highs later on to good effect, as documented in my companion short side service on Seeking Alpha. 

Even so, I kept my commitment to subscribers until they recently agreed that it was time to drop coverage in order to devote more attention to the many better ideas that I have identified.  I continue to be interested in the science that drives this industry, and readers may wish to give particular attention to the final two updates for links on new competition in this space.  However, subscribers are already aware that my coverage has shifted to prioritizing mostly safer high yield options due to macroeconomic changes that are just beginning to affect the market.

-4 ExOne 2Q17 results10:45 10-Aug-17
-4 ExOne 4Q15 presentation08:19 23-Mar-16
?5 ExOne 4Q15 results17:42 22-Mar-16
-6 ExOne files to dilute shareholders08:19 11-Jan-16
-5 ExOne conference call notes09:47 10-Nov-15
-7 ExOne 3Q15 results16:59 09-Nov-15
?7 ExOne schedules 3Q15 report17:11 29-Oct-15
+4 ExOne adds CHP binders11:24 09-Sep-15
+4 Second open market insider buy for XONE16:54 27-Aug-15
+6 Open market insider buy in XONE11:33 26-Aug-15
-7 ExOne 2Q15 report16:30 10-Aug-15
?7 ExOne schedules 2Q15 report07:55 28-Jul-15
+4 ExOne Qualifies Water Wash-out Tooling Process10:11 01-Jul-15
-5 ExOne 1Q15 Conference Call Notes09:43 12-Jun-15
-5 ExOne misses big again17:00 11-Jun-15
-5 ExOne postpones 1Q15 report to early June18:34 11-May-15
-4 ExOne files S-3 for up to $150M16:41 10-Apr-15
?6 ExOne Slowly Approaching an Inflection Point11:04 17-Mar-15
-5 ExOne misses again17:39 16-Mar-15
+4 ExOne Announces Exerial09:47 05-Mar-15
+4 ExOne announces 6 new materials16:47 18-Feb-15