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September AMOLED update ?3

This report gives some interesting projections on AMOLED TV adoption from two Chinese companies, Skyworth and Konka.  Skyworth, for instance, expects to sell just 30K units this year.  LGD sold more than that in the first quarter and should be ramping production dramatically in the second half of this year.  Konka guesses that AMOLED prices will need to come down to within 120% of the competition to begin widespread displacement.  Prices are continuing to drop, while options continue to expand.  Another factor, not mentioned by the Chinese, perhaps because they are behind on the technology, is that natural compatibility with HDR (high dynamic range) may help AMOLEDs, due to their self-emitting nature.  This even enables many existing AMOLED TVs to become HDR compatible with just a firmware upgrade.

Note that, unlike fellow Chinese producer BOE, which updated its development agreement with UDC last year, but is still experiencing yield problems, both Skyworth and Konka get their panels from LG Display.  We should get further details this month on what decisions LG Display is actually making with regard to expanding its capacity.