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China Knocking on the Screen Door ?3

In a further sign that Organic Light Emitting Diodes will come to dominate all sorts of screens, Chinese producers have been stepping up their efforts to work with the technology.  The latest is that BOE will receive production equipment from Korea-based STI in the second half of this year.  It's also been reported that BOE sought has proposed a joint venture with either Samsung, or LG Display, and considers a partnership with J-OLED as "Plan B".  This highlights both the technology lead enjoyed by LG Display, and the danger posed by China.  The article cites awareness of the danger or "technology leakage" by the Korean firms.  Nonetheless, I continue to think that agreements of this sort are inevitable, as this danger can only managed, not avoided entirely. 

Of course, UDC will benefit from the proliferation, as well the continuing production capacity build-out in Korea, and soon Japan.