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2Q15 panel report very positive for LG Display +4

A report from Sigmaintell Consulting says global LCD TV panel unit shipments grew 8.1% YoY and 2.7% MoM.  In terms of surface area, the growth was 10.1% and 1.9% respectively.  Looking beyond just LCD, over 9M 4K TV screens were shipped, which confirms my earlier predictions of demand in this area, and represents 58% growth from last quarter. 

All of this is good for LG Display, which once again lead in overall market share, with 20.4%, and was virtually tied with Samsung in 4K.  What will be left out of the headlines, though, is that 28% of 4K shipments used LGD's WOLED architecture, and that share is expected to increase to 35% this year.  This is faster than I was anticipating, and it's great news for LG Display, and probably UDC as well.  Both companies should report financial results in about a month, and LPL will graduate to full coverage, with its own section on the website.