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INVN outlook from Apple event ?2

The Apple event is wrapping up with the usual spectacle.  For any remaining INVN shareholders, here are the important points:

  • iPhone 7: uses OIS, presumably from InvenSense.  Better battery life also offers hope that the company has finally gotten past the dual-gyro kludge.  We'll know after Sept. 16 when the device becomes available.
  • Series 2 Watch: we'll have to wait and see if InvenSense gets a win for this last hold out.  Any statements about battery life were glaringly absent.  A photo of the backside seemed to show two PPG heart monitors which would be consistent with the patent I'd mentioned earlier rather than the InvenSense approach.  Availability was fuzzy, though a Nike version will be available in late October.
  • Airpods: these are wireless ear buds, also available in late October, which include accelerometers and microphones.  The professed battery lifetime is only 5 hours.

My overall take is that the announcements were neutral to slightly negative for InvenSense.  Emphasis seems to be continuing a gradual shift from hardware to services and software.  Where hardware is highlighted, Apple is doing more and more on its own, and not very well.  From a pure sales cycle perspective, some commentators were disappointed with the current battery life of the Watch and the lack of improvement there.  Whether customers will want more devices to charge is highly questionable.