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INVN insider sales create opportunity +3

A subscriber has written in about the insider sales from InvenSense management, and others.  I don't see anything concerning here, and normally wouldn't comment publicly on it except that in this case it may actually represent a small opportunity.  All of the sales except the Artiman sale, which is specifically covered here, are planned and the result of vesting.  Because of that they have all occurred together, in combination with the continued weak trading conditions that I predicted, which seems to have temporarily depressed the stock price by over 5%.  Yet none of the sales are in any way concerning, they all represent simple diversification, with the sellers continuing to hold many times more than what they sold.

INVN is somewhat undervalued at $11.55, and in light of yesterday's very good news, and possible further announcements today, I see this as a possibly ephemeral entry point.