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InvenSense Conference Announcements +4

InvenSense has made a pair of announcements at its conference today:
  • As expected, a new software development platform has been announced to go with Firefly chips.  The development tool set can make all the difference in the world in selling hardware and making design wins sticky.  Perhaps some of the payments I've inferred from Apple are for a company-wide license for this tool?
  • InvenSense has introduced a new cloud-based platform for fitness apps, called Coursa Sports.  The platform seems to initially focus on better course tracking, via the combination of sensors with GPS, rather than GPS alone.  It's easy to see how that would add value, and how other applications such as improved heart rate monitoring are likely to follow.
Of these, I think the latter is potentially the more exciting.  InvenSense now stands to make money not just from each device sold, but from each hour the devices are used.  At 3 to 5 cents or more per hour per device, that could be a very powerful change in sales model.  Again, given the successful inroads made with Apple, I wouldn't be surprised to see a behind the scenes partnership to give this endeavor critical mass.  I don't know if Apple would go public with such an announcement, but if so it would probably come tomorrow, towards the end of the conference.