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Points to look for at Apple's Event & Beyond ?4

Here's a run down of things to look for in next week's Apple event:
  • OIS: optical image stabilization is becoming an increasingly important differentiating factor in the minds of consumers.  The feature was only a part of the iPhone 6 Plus, whereas the base model used EIS (electronic image stabilization), which is primarily software solution.  Furthermore, the OIS solution used by Apple did not compare favorably to the InvenSense solution used by Samsung, as shown here.  As a result, there has been a lot of focus on camera and video system upgrades for both new versions of the phone, including improved stability.  This represents an opportunity for InvenSense.
  • Smart Remotes: Management has been talking up the opportunities remote controls that do gesture recognition.  In the Q4 call, the CEO said InvenSense has already scored a design win in this category, which was enabled by the software acquired with Movea.  The new version of Apple TV is expected to include a new remote... This is not just an opportunity for InvenSense's traditional motion sensing chips.  Going forward, Apple TV may also open the door to sensors to proliferating throughout the home.  The remote is also rumored to include Siri support.  That very likely means that Analog Devices (ADI) unit purchase is paying off with a long awaited microphone win and leap forward in user interfaces
  • Other devices: In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see similar interface upgrades across the range of Apple devices in an attempt to keep pace with Android, from Google (GOOG) (GOOGL), which currently leads in this area.  As a result, Apple has been working hard on Siri and adding third party developer support.  The same should be true for a new version of WatchOS.  Improving battery performance is also a major concern, so maybe Apple can finally rid itself of the dual gyro kludge we saw in the most recent iPhones.  While none of the non-iPhone devices offer InvenSense similar volume, increased content share at Apple can only be good, and there is recent evidence of momentum continuing to build between the two companies.

Once again, while Apple currently constitutes the largest share of InvenSense revenue.  I see it as less important over the long term.  The main benefit to the relationship is that it allows InvenSense to build mind share.  We have a new data point on that front: the Developer Conference website documents over 27,000 developers registered in the InvenSense program.  Members will be able to exhibit their solutions as part of the conference as well.

More importantly, the event was delayed so that InvenSense could introduce some new programming tools.  My guess is that InvenSense may debut a cross-platform sensor development suite that works across both Android and Apple platforms.  That would be a major development.