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More on InvenSense and the Watch -3

As subscriber writes:
This is one of the images during the ifixit teardown I was watching early this morning. Is the chip on the top left the MP67B that Chipworks is talking about? In which case it is not inside the case right?
That may well be correct.  I should have said, "may" be encased, rather than "apparently".  In my earlier post.  This chip is not identifiable as an InvenSense chip, but custom production is pretty common for large customers, so that doesn't mean much.  Another subscriber points to a message board post that looks at similar photos and claims the the markings are typical of STMicro.  I've gone back and taken a hard look at the photos again; I still don't see anything even remotely conclusive. 

That may change, but the bottom line for now is that, while I continue to believe InvenSense is in the Watch, we have nothing more conclusive than we did before this morning.  It could even be that InvenSense helped Apple with a custom chip design, but Apple managed the production, so there are no direct chip sales.  If so, that could explain discrepancies that I've had with others over part pricing.  I also continue to think that this is of little fundamental importance.  Nonetheless, I'll be watching for new info, and appreciate the input.