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Notes from MWC ?3

Intel's announcement turns out to be something of a let down.  Just more about their product line-up, but nothing truly ground-breaking.  I don't see any particular impact for InvenSense.

However, the the Galaxy S6 has been introduced, and initial reaction is good.  This sort of announcement is typically a boon for OLED shares, and if the phone does sell well, that will help in the short term.  Again, over the longer-term I see the market as production constrained, and thus it doesn't matter how a particular mobile device fairs. 

I think the S6 is actually better for InvenSense.  In particular, it highlights improved image quality, which may represent another OIS win.  Better though, is the raft of new wearables being introduced from Huawei, HTC, Acer and LG, to go along with those that were introduced at CES.