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InvenSense and MWC announcements ?2

A subscriber asks:

Is there any potential news from MWC to support a $17 base, or will this be a buy the hope, and sell the news type of event?

That of course, depends on what the news is.  Lots of things get announced at MWC, but the fundamental significance is always open to interpretation.  There are two types of announcements that are common:

New consumer devices: these are mildly positive as investors try to estimate the content and popularity of the devices.  I continue to think that wearable devices are the area where InvenSense has the biggest opportunity, but that no manufacturer has hit upon the exact recipe for breakout adoption, though some have come close.

New product announcements from suppliers: if InvenSense offers one or more new products, that is likely be significant.  The degree of significance depends on the product attributes, but its not uncommon for the impact to be initially under-estimated.  On the flip side, competitor announcements can have a negative affect, whether warranted or not, as happened with Intel's Curie platform at CES.

Thanks for the good question!