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upcoming updates & publications (OLED & INVN) ?1

A subscriber asks:

Is there going to be an update on OLED in regards to the upcoming earnings?  

The answer is yes, there will definitely be an update, and perhaps a published article that follows that.  I'm still researching, but the tone on OLED is likely to continue to be cautious, in advance of earnings.  The long-term story is looking more secure than ever, but shares have risen by over 36% in the month since I called them a value at $26.  That was part of the "last chance sale" that I had said would last until the new LG contract was announced.

However, I've already indicated that the benefit from that contract would NOT be immediate.  My initial modeling of the latest info indicates that OLED EPS should come in somewhere around break-even for the coming report, and I'm not at all sure how the market will take that.  Host sales remain a particular concern.  Please note that this is preliminary; I probably won't be done researching until next week. 

Another INVN article may come before that, just to divert people from commenting on the current one that will be going non-public.  Focus will be on the Apple relationship again, pushing the per part pricing estimate for iPhones back down based on broader data from Fiksu.com, although it seems to me that their data raises its own set of questions.  Comments on that are welcome, and may even be rewarded.

By contrast to the OLED information I'm looking at, none of the INVN developments are very important.  The investor presentations InvenSense is giving don't really say anything new and the market will probably continue to focus on MWC and the Apple watch.  I continue to predict that InvenSense will be in that, and that it will be of minor importance from a revenue standpoint.

Work continues on the website and I hope that initial roll-out will occur before the end  of the month.