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OLED World Summit wrap up ?3

The OLED World Summit has just concluded and there was not much in the way of surprises. 

As I've been pointing out, Kateeva continues to lead the way towards inkjet production, and said it has secured the "vast majority" of orders and will introduce systems for large scale panels soon. This is what's behind the continued production push, especially in China.  Unlike in the past, we should definitely expect some, but not all, of that to start panning out; even Samsung is investing in some of the new production.  Kateeva's dominance also probably has something to do with industry consolidation, where Nissan Chemical is purchasing Solvay's soluble IP, probably for host material production the new lines.  Merck and Cynora, in Europe, look to be the only viable competitors to Japan.  Though Cynora's research still seems to be behind that of Kyulux, upgrades to the company's website and personnel do make it look like the company is readying a commercial push.

I continue to see LPL as the best means of investing in these new developments, with a possible AU Optronics/Apple combination as a wildcard.  That said, the market looks perilously overbought for the near term.