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The tricky transition for LG Display ?3

UBI is out with a note reducing its estimate for LG AMOLED TV panel production to between 800 and 900K for 2016.  That's pretty much in-line with the earlier IHS projection of 830K, and as with the earlier reports this is primarily due a shift towards larger screens.  The hitch is that LG can't cut as many 65" screen from its current production lines (E3 and E4). 

If correct, this might represent a hiccup until more production comes online, but I continue to be more concerned how quickly ink jet printing is going to come into play.  This is what's behind Chinese investment, and the Japanese are also advancing the technology.  Yesterday's Applied Materials report gives further confirmation that progress is now beyond the planning stages.  All of this is currently for flexible mobile screens, which is competition for LG's plans in that area, and larger screens probably won't be all that far behind.  Consequently, LGD's window for ramping up production may become tight.