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MVIS rumors and LG development ?2

MVIS has bounced over 10% off recent lows over the past few days on rumors that the company is cutting an OEM deal with LG.  The low price and rebate rate of 15% makes such moves pretty easy to generate.  It's possible this rumor is true; management did say in the last report that new opportunities look like they will result in "several commercial opportunities this year" from new customers. 

Still, I'd be a little surprised if LG actually turns out to really be a partner.  LG Display just took delivery manufacturing equipment for its AMOLED build out.  With continued expansion of its customer base for those TVs, it seems to have more than enough sticks in the fire.  LPL has also risen, probably more because of the dynamics in LCD pricing that I've been talking about than the new AMOLED production for next year.

Markets continue to be very short-sighted, which worries me, and leads me to believe we'll see more sharp sell offs as the year progresses. The next earnings reports from both companies are due at the end of month.  For MicroVision, I'll be much more interested in continued progress on manufacturing efficiency than I am in rumors on message boards, and fear of dilution balances the prospect of new business. 

LPL investors, however, could easily be showing some nice profit right now on a dynamic with limited lifespan.  They will have to think carefully about how patient they will want to be, and how such gains would be characterized, if taken.