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more on Samsung and AMOLED TVs ?2

Though the Korean press generally merits my disregard, I've received enough private questions on either of a pair of dueling reports, sourced from execs at the local branches of Kateeva and Merck KGaA, to write something up. 

The Kateeva article takes some quotes that conflict with better sources from the company and attempts to spin them into a projection that Samsung will enter the AMOLED television game by 2019.  The main support for this is a vague projection that inkjet printers can be deployed on production lines in two years, with Samsung receiving the greatest volume of current prototypes.  However there is no real confirmation that these machines have been scaled up for TVs, and indeed other Kateeva execs have indicated that as the next stage of development for Kateeva, which would likely put actual mass production even further out.

The Merck article, seems a little less speculative to me.   It claims that Samsung will continue to enhance its LCD TVs for the foreseeable future, even while acknowledging the fact that Merck is building an organic material factory.  None of this changes my outlook.  LG Display will continue to work its way down the value chain with its televisions over the next few years, but wet processing is coming, and it will represent something of a reset for the entire industry.