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LG Display Q1 earnings rumors ?3

LG Display should report earnings in the latter half of this month.  The first quarter is seasonally weak for the company, and average analyst projections are for a loss of 22 cents per ADR on revenue of $5.4b.  However, Korean reports have come with both positive and negative slants.

Readers should know by now that I don't put a lot of faith in the Korean press, and personally, I am not overly concerned about the Q1 numbers.  Nonetheless, investors with shorter horizons and those who are sensitive to volatility might want to take note.  Alternately, those missed better entry points in recent months might hope for a buy-the-dip opportunity. 

Mostly, I will be interested to see if we can start measuring the impact from a full quarter of AMOLED TV sales.  That would start to enable quantified range projections for LPL over the next couple of years and LGD dropping out of supplying LCDs to the likes Apple just enables faster conversion of existing production lines.  Samsung's most recent forecast is the latest data point confirming that AMOLEDs are the future.  That's where my interest lies.