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more on the QDTV vs AMOLED wars ?2

Despite the earlier press from LG Display, Samsung says its immediate future continues to lie with quantum dot televisions, and that there are no immediate plans to change that.  The second generation QDTVs are cadmium-free, which should make them easier to market world-wide, and of course improvements in picture quality are also claimed. There is no mention of what price they will come in at, however. I continue to see that as the key factor.

Right on cue, production equipment supplier Aixtron has announced a major milestone in the development of its long-awaited Organic Vapor Phase Deposition (OVPD) machines.  These use technology licensed from Universal Display and should drastically reduce the cost of large screen AMOLED production.  If the technology can be integrated into this year's build out plans for LG Display, that should represent a major win for the company and LPL shareholders.