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LGD adds Philips, proceeds on flexible +3

Philips will not only launch AMOLED TVs sourced from LG Display this year, but seems likely to feature them as its top of the line model(s).  It's good to see LGD continuing to expand its stable of customers in this area, and the premium pricing indicates that it will have a price advantage for LG sets. 

There is also news that demonstrates that LGD will move forward with flexible displays, as well.  While the purchase of this system indicates that the new fabrication flexible fabrication facilities will move ahead, there is some misinformation out there too.  Media was recently misquoting Korean press in saying that a decision on new lighting capacity would be made by April.  No reliable source was cited and the earliest report said a decision could come as early as April.  Regardless, I think AMOLED televisions will continue to be LGD's primary development focus and that Samsung will take the production lead flexible displays, despite LGD's arguably superior capabilities, as flexibility is of more importance to mobile devices, where Samsung has a much more established business.  That in turn lends support to the theory of Apple attempting to leapfrog the display industry with flexible devices first sourced through Samsung, with second-sourcing from LG.  If so, I would continue to look for that strategy to transition to newer technology from AUO, amongst others.