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AMOLED TVs in 2016 +2

From what we've seen at CES, consumer options for purchasing AMOLED TVs should be expanding in 2016.  Panasonic has confirmed that its model will be available in the U.S. as well as Europe. Chinese producer Skyworth aims to sell 200,000 sets this year.  Of course, the screens for both of these are made by LG Display, which is expanding the models it offers to include many more flat (rather than curved) models.  Another point of note is that new models will be about 20% brighter, but use roughly the same power.  That could indicate that UDC's emitters are finally being adopted after all.  That would be a pretty big positive, but still not enough to justify the current valuation.

LGD is also partnering with Netflix and other streaming content providers.  Details are scarce, but I would guess that the WebOS included with these sets will support streaming out of the box, and perhaps bundle an introductory subscriptions.  Pricing on most models is not available yet, but some of LG's high end products are available for pre-order right at CES, and the 65" E6 is listing at a hefty $7000.  Other models are expected to be much more reasonable and short start to become price-competitive in 2016.  That's good, because Samsung is continuing to favor QDTVs over AMOLEDs along with many other manufacturers who don't have access to LG's architecture.  The real tipping point for the industry probably won't occur until sometime in 2017, but I do expect sales of the new screens to start having a material impact for LPL this year.