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LG Display at CES +1

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show will take place from January 6-9  in Las Vegas.  Korea Times is reporting that LG Display will demonstrate rollable televisions there, with small versions available for public viewing and 70-100" models in closed-door client meetings.  I first mentioned this 3 months ago, but the tentative detail on the larger-sized models is new.  Also, while I tend to take Korean reports with some salt, there is also an interesting quote attributed to LGD management:
We are already holding key technologies to develop rollable OLED displays, but the market demand has yet to catch up with our expectations.  That's why we are still considering whether to mass-produce the rollable OLED panels.
That's a pretty credible statement, given the company's prior demonstrations, and the localization and process improvement efforts that I cited in conjunction with the new P10 plant.  Nonetheless I've pointed out that it's not good to get too carried away about CES.  I'd rather focus on things like how AMOLED televisions are becoming increasingly price competitive with other high end models.  That trend should continue with new production in 2016.