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MWC Day 1 ?3

InvenSense has announced the world's smallest, lowest power I2S digital microphone, which offers 65% power savings over existing solutions as well as reduced size and better performance for always on wearable and mobile applications.  As expected, LG G5 and Samsung's Galaxy S7 phones were also officially introduced. 

Most of the features of the S7 were already known but the always-on (when not covered) screen demonstrates the superiority both of properly implemented sensing solutions and AMOLED screens.  The latter is also highlighted by the featuring of Mark Zuckerberg in Samsung's event, to announce a virtual reality partnership, though there will be competition in that area. 

Integrated Device Technology investors should be more interested in the wireless charging feature of the S7.  IDT topped up a slew of recent innovations in communications and wireless products with the introduction of a new high-power and efficiency wireless charging chipset this morning.

The G5, by contrast, has surprised the industry with a modular design.  Whether or not this particular phone winds up being a success, I agree with The Verge that this is the direction that mobile devices need to take, along with the continued trend towards convergence.  Given that no prices are available for either the S7 or G5, levels of success is hard to predict, and that's not something I'm overly interested, regardless.  What we're really seeing here is a struggle to differentiate in the midst of continued mobile market stagnation.  Plenty of other devices are being introduced as well, and the mid and low ends of the market may prove just as interesting, with Google supporting new services in Africa.

With the possible exception of wireless charging for IDTI, nothing I've seen is truly game changing, at least from an investment perspective.  Circling back to InvenSense, I think real success will have to extend beyond mobile, and an upcoming note will look at what I think is the most likely path for that.